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Ahmed Alaoui,
Creative Director
Art Director
Designer based in Morocco


My name is Ahmed, I am a creative based in Morocco, a UX/UI designer dedicated to creating digital products that prioritise user-centric, delightful and enhanced human experiences. with 15 years of experience across the globe. My work has been developed with a wide range of agencies, brands and studios in Morocco, USA, Canada, KSA, Paris, Turkey and Amsterdam, using an iterative and data-driven approach, and I am always eager to expand my knowledge and take on new design challenges.
My digital heart beats in time with the client's heart.

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  • User Experience (UX) | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Creativity | Communication | Leadership | Time Management | Adaptability | Motion Graphics | Marketing design | Communication Design | Video Editing |Product Design.


Niloom.ai (formerly ABXR Engine)

Senior Product Designer (UI/UX) |Team Leader

Nov 2021 - Present- Remote- New york


Senior Product Designer (UI/UX) & Motion Designer

2021-Present - Remote -Canada


Senior Web Designer




Senior Graphic Designer 2D/3D


Co-Founder Aridadesign

Arida Design is a Design agency offering branding, UX UI, graphic and product design service serving small to mid sized business in Morocco • Provided strategic direction for product development, resulting in highquality offerings that resonated with customers" needs and preferences. Key Activities: Motion Graphics Graphic Design Interior Design Communication .Web Development Video Editing Web Applications


ICV Prod

Graphic Designer & Video editing


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Here are some of my favorite projects I have done lately. Feel free to check them out.

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